Anonymous asked:

I want to kill myself but too scared but I need to end my broken heart and emptiness. Help?


I wanted to tell you, “no, don’t kill yourself,” but I can’t. Because I know exactly what are you feeling.

I feel also empty, lonely, like nobody wants to talk to me, even though they are free and not busy. I feel like I have no friend. I feel like I’m with no one. I can’t even determine what’s so wrong with me.

Every time I’m feeling this, I don’t know what to do. I do not cut. I do not do drugs. I have no way of escape except from art and writing. But I can’t create art when I am feeling devastated inside. I can’t fall asleep because I’m over-thinking. I can’t eat because I’m worrying. I can’t write because words are not coming, all failing. I can’t do anything, because I am absolutely feeling lonely and empty.

I’m trying to talk to people, but they are not interested of anything about me. I’m trying to go outside and have a walk but it’s still lonely. I’m trying to paint, write, draw, blog, but it is not working. I don’t know what to do.

Sometimes, I feel some kind of hope, because of the lies I continue to tell myself. Sometimes, I feel, “omg, this is it,” but it’s still not. I’m just fooling myself in order to create temporary happiness.

Right now, I’m still alive, hoping for a better tomorrow, wishing to have no more sorrow, and to have friends and be happy already.

I chose to carry on even though I have thousand valid reasons to give up. I don’t know the exact reason behind that.

Sorry, if I didn’t answer your question straightforwardly. This is all I can say to you for now because I’m also suffering loneliness and emptiness right now.

Jerico Silvers

16 things that will make you feel better:
1. Sunrises
2. Little kids
3. Cute animals
4. Your favourite tv show(s)
5. To cuddle a stuffed animal
6. To read
7. Funny Youtube videos
8. Ice cream
9. To watch tv shows from your childhood
10. Music
11. Going for a walk by yourself
12. Writing a list of all your favourites movies and watching them
13. Staring at the moon late at night, the moon is great
14. Drinking cold water
15. Taking long showers
16. Eating cold fruit

we all need to feel better now and then (via fvith)